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Jeff Martin – Black Snake Blues

Article publié le 16 septembre 2013 | Laisser un commentaire.

Black Snake Moan – Blind Lemon Jefferson

Victoria Spivey – Black Snake Blues

Leadbelly Black Snake Moan

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  1. Gandalf a écrit:

    Nombreuse références au « serpent noir » ….. dans le blues !!!
    Black snake is a reference to sexuality, namely to either a black man or a certain male part of a black man’s anatomy, depending on the song. The term black snake has been used in several early Blue songs, by both men and women. It’s been sang as referencing their own, or being worried about other « black snakes » coming around.

    Black Snake Moan
    Blind Lemon Jefferson

    Black Snake Blues
    Victoria Spivey

    New Black Snake Moan
    Lead Belly

  2. Christine♬♡ a écrit:

    I thank you for this information Gandalf, it is true that « black snake moan » it is a dream … I add the three interpretations you give me too much!

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